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The Gateway to the Snowy Mountains

Fisk & Nagle | 8th November, 2011

Modern Jindabyne, 60 kilometres from Cooma, has only a handful of the houses that once made up old Jindabyne. The original town now sits at the bottom of a lake that bears its name.

Old Jindabyne inhabitants were relocated in the 1960s when the Snowy River was dammed as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. In times of drought, when the water level drops, the remains of the old town can be glimpsed. For the rest of the time, however, the original settlement is largely forgotten.

Modern Jindabyne has developed into a year-round holiday resort. With a mix of new residents and pioneering families, it is popular with vacationers who prefer a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

During the winter months Jindabyne is a base for skiers bound for the major resorts in Kosciuszko National Park. The village is well positioned for those seeking more affordable accommodation than that on offer in the heart of the snowfields.

Warmer weather sees the town and its people switch focus. That’s when Jindabyne becomes a great place from which to go bushwalking, mountain-biking, whitewater rafting and canoeing, horse-riding and kayaking. The lake provides superb opportunities for trout fishing and water sports.

The area has a colourful history. From the late 1820s, sheep-grazing and agriculture were the main activities of the early European settlers. Polish explorer Paul Strzelecki extensively mapped the wilderness from 1839 to 1843, naming Mount Kosciuszko in honour of a Polish patriot.

The gold rush in 1859-60 gave the area a brief boost which resulted in the establishment of a general store and a post office. In 1882 a school was opened at Jindabyne, with a police station built the following year.

Whether you are visiting the Snowy Mountains and Jindabyne in summer or winter you will find a wide range of activities and things to do and see. So come on up and breathe the mountain air, climb Mt Kosciusko, ride a horse Man from Snowy River style, catch a trout, water ski, stroll around Lake Jindabyne or just relax with a good book. We have it all in The Snowy Mountains.

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The Gateway to the Snowy Mountains
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