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First Meeting of new Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Nigel Ayling | 7th June, 2016

Ratepayers in the newly formed Snowy Regional Council will have a long wait till they can lobby councilors with their concerns. The old councils of Bombala, Snowy River Shire and Cooma are now under the control of an appointed Administrator and General Manager until elections in September 2017.

Ex Cooma Mayor Dean Lynch has been given the job of administrator while Joe Vesio of the now defunct Snowy River Shire Council will become the General Manager of the new “super” council.

The first meeting for the Snowy River Council was held in the Bombala Council Chambers last week.  Administrator, Dean Lynch suspended standing orders to immediately move to a public forum.  After fielding some public questions the meeting moved to council business with Mr. Lynch, as a quorum of one, dealing with 43 items of business in less than 30 minutes according to reports.

Mr Lynch then announced the list of 12 people selected by him the advisory committee, the chairs of which will form the Council’s new Implementation Advisory Panel.

There are four people in each of the three committees with Steve Goodyer, Di Hampshire, Paul Perkins and Gabrielle Rea forming Bombala’s Committee.

The Cooma people are Rogan Corbett, Angela Ingram, Craig Mitchell and Winston Phillips while the Snowy River committee has John Cahill, Peter Beer, John Shumack and Bob Frost.

Administrator Lynch said the region has been well served by its former councils and their respective councillors.

“Now a number of former councillors plus nominated community minded individuals will form the three high calibre Local Advisory Committees to assist in charting a course for the future,” Mr Lynch said.

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First Meeting of new Snowy Monaro Regional Council
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