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Big Recreation Plans for Lake Wallace Dam

Imagine transforming south east NSW’s driest town into summer’s water playground. That’s what the Nimmatabel Advancement Group has in mind now that the Lake Wallace Dam outside Nimmatabel is finished and full.
“What a tremendous place for fishing, this lake would just be the most perfect trout lake you could wish to find,” local farmer John Alcock told ‘About Regional’.

Named after the former owners of the landscape it sits in, Lake Wallace cost $5.3 million to complete and now holds 320 megalitres of water.

An East Coast Low just after the 13 metre high dam wall was completed ensured Nimmitabel would have water security this summer for the first time in many summers.

During the worst of the 10 year drought, families and businesses fled Nimmitabel, and it’s hoped this new body of water will help the town prosper. The newly opened dam doesn’t supply water directly to Nimmitabel.

The town of 300 people still pumps from the MacLaughlin River, but when the river runs low, water will be released down to the pump in the river.

But for the time being and for the first summer in many summers, Nimmitabel will survive the heat ahead.

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Big Recreation Plans for Lake Wallace Dam
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